Bleach : Immortal Soul Wiki


Attacker, Crit, Disorient


  • Big Brother & Sister: Ichigo, Rukia R, Kon. When all characters are owned, HP increases by [%]
  • People in the World of the Living: Chad, Tessai, Kon. ATK increases by [%]
  • Modified Soul: Urahara, Mayuri, Kon. ATK increases by [%]
  • Expertise: ATK increases by [%]
  • Soul Candy: After Awakening, skill Awakened-Thrust will be unlocked
  • Plush Doll: HP increases by [%]
  • Hakudo Tome: ATK increases by [%]
  • Power of the Earth: HP increases by [%]


Mastery Skill - Roundhouse Kick[]

Deal damage to a single enemy and increases his ATK for 1 round

Rage Skill - Thrust[]

Deals damage to enemy back row. Increases his Crit Chance by 20%. Lasts 1 round. After Weapon awakens, damage increases greatly and has a chance to inflict Disorent on Attack-specialty characters. Lasts 1 round.

Passive - Combat-Ready Mod Soul[]

When Kon is alive, DEF of all enemies is decreased.


  • HP Strengthen I
  • Damage Increase I
  • Damage Reduction I

War Soul

Vermillion Bird War Soul

Heroic War Soul: Increases Block Chance by [%] for all Skill-specialty characters. In PvP mode, soulbearer's HP increases by [%]


Mod Soul

Mastery Skill damage is increased by [%]